For Developers


Finally, you can have accurate charts for your token with RareSwap.

No more router clogs, contract threshold sells and liquidity pool draining.

Why we Developed RareSwap

RareSwap is a decentralized exchange similar to others in that you can swap Etherium (BSC coming soon) for ERC20 tokens, tokens of one project for another or add liquidity for stable pairs and earn rewards. But that is where the similarities end!
RareSwap has an innovative router which has been designed for today's smart contracts. If your contract collects taxes on transactions, you will benefit from launching on RareSwap.

Eliminate the FUD by launching on RareSwap

All other swaps utilize a batched 'piggyback' sell, after a holder sells, to collect taxes for the project. Why? Simply put, they are not designed to handle modern smart contracts. RareSwap collects the taxes BEFORE the swap takes place on each transaction. What does this mean for your project?
No more FUD causing router clogs
No more liquidity pool draining
No longer will users confuse '488d' for a team wallet
Buys and sells are accurately represented on Dextools

How can we help?

We currently have two contract templates for you to choose from when planning your token's launch. These contracts are in the process of being audited by Certik and provide an enormous savings in not having to hire an outside development firm to write a custom smart contract.

Get on the RareList!

For projects and developers interested in going through the KYC/KYB process, there is the RareList. The benefit to this is a premiere location for the project on RareSwap. This will make it much easier for buyers to locate the token on the swap, without looking up a contact address -- they simply need to click the name/icon on the list.

Safe and Secure

RareSwap is undergoing a full audit by Certik as well as extensive penetration testing for vulnerabilities to ensure your liquidity pool is safe and secure. Now you can launch your token on RareSwap and put your focus where it belongs - in development and promotion.

Free Gas?

What better way to drive transactions to your project launch than free gas? We have a partnership which gives us the ability to subsidize some or all of your holders' gas fees (minimum token purchase may be required). Eliminate the number one complaint people have with ERC20 token purchases!

No More Bots!

Need bot protection for your launch? We have it! Select it from our à la carte list of products and services and launch worry free.

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