Frequently Asked Questions

What is RareSwap?

RareSwap is an application where you can connect your wallet, exchange tokens, create liquidity pairs as well as add to an existing pool to earn rewards.

How is RareSwap different from the other exchanges out there?

RareSwap operates exactly as most other exchanges do from the front-end user interface perspective. Where RareSwap differs is in the way it interacts with the smart contract. The router for RareSwap works perfectly with today’s modern contracts as it distributes the taxes levied on each transaction prior to performing the swap for the tokens. This allows for a more accurate chart, no liquidity drains, no router clogs and no batch contract sells to impact the chart negatively.

I have a project I'd like to launch on RareSwap. Can you help?

Yes! We have two smart contracts available to use as a template for your launch. These contracts have been submitted to Certik and we are waiting for their approval from the auditing process. This will save an enormous amount of money in not having to hire a development firm for your smart contract. You can also bring your own smart contract to deploy on the network.

How does RareSwap eliminate chart based FUD?

When a token with a smart contract that distributes taxes to a project wallet is deployed on Uniswap (and other decentralized exchanges) it does so by processing transactions until it crosses a threshold where it has collected enough tokens to sell and distribute to the wallet. This method of routing transactions has an extremely negative effect on the chart as it shows an additional sell that isn’t a holder but it is perceived to be by anyone watching the chart. In addition, it has a negative effect on the liquidity pool as it removes more liquidity than is necessary if the transaction had been routed properly. Many times, in various social media, people post complaints about the wallet ending in 488d, which is the Uniswap router address, constantly dumping tokens. Often, on Uniswap, there are router clogs which create the impression that the contract has been paused by the developer. This can create a panic amongst holders and generally follows with a sell off when the router unclogs. All of these problems are solved with RareSwap. With our router, the taxes are taken out prior to the token swap thereby showing an accurate chart and buys and sells, no liquidity pool draining or router clogs.

Can I see a token launched on RareSwap in action?

Absolutely. Check out our ecosystem’s native token, RAT, The Rare Antiquities Token