The Rare Antiquities Token… own the past… create your future!



The Rare Antiquities Token (RAT) brings crypto to the mainstream through building an infrastructure that facilites payments in the Museum, Gallery and Heritage setore.

Holders of RAT receive free entry to partner museums through the RAT To Pay chargeback programme. Simply pay with RAT and you’ll be immedately refunded from the Antiquities Wallet.

Appreciating antiquities are purchased on a regular basis and these assets create a stable price floor!

Holders get free NFT rewards! A unique NFT is minted from the purchased antiquity and holders will receive fractional ownership! This will be delivered in level 2 NFTs that form part of the collection for the unique level 1 NFT! Holders are free to trade these on the RAT Marketplace!

Hodl your RAT and receive lifetime NFT rewards!



500,000,000,000 RAT


2% on buys that goes to the purchase of community owned assets in the form of appreciating antiquities making RAT an asset backed stable coin.
A unique level 1 NFT is minted from this rare anitiquity and holders are rewarded with fractional ownership through level 2 NFTs.
Holders can then trade their NFTs on the RAT Marketplace.


Community input is essential to the asset backed approach on RAT.

The community will get to vote on various aspects of the project such as new features, new antiquities, and where our global reach can extend to.
Please follow the channels below to keep up to date with the latest RAT news.

Pay with RAT

Pay with RAT will be the implementation of a means for the RAT chargeback programme to provide free entry to partner museums, galleries and the heritage sector worldwide.

By providing the free public infrastructure for use within this sector means that we will be able to provide free access for millions of holders across the globe.
By simply holding RAT millions can enjoy the thrills this sector has to offer without the worry of expense.

Antiquities Wallet

100% of the Antiquities Wallet is used for the purchase of antiquities that appreciate in value over time thus adding to the value of the assets that RAT can pegged to.
Think about owning a work of art by the artist Banksy and the appreciation of value over time. By owning these assets the market cap of RAT will naturally increase providing an ever moving upward price trend.


Q3 2021

Q4 2021

  • Work on highest voted community suggestion

  • Team move to physical location

  • Crypto Expo Dubai 2021

  • Marketing starts from onsite team

  • Purchase first RAT Antiquity to be owned by holders and secure artefact storage

  • MINT NFT for first RAT Antiquity

  • Start development on RAT to Pay for entry to museums

H1 2022

  • ISO27001 certification

  • Proof of Concept (POC) for RAT to Pay for first partner museum

  • UK TV and major Newspaper articles

  • Recruitment of more partner museums

  • Purchase of second RAT Antiquity and secure artefact storage

  • MINT NFT for for second RAT Antiquity

H2 2022

  • ISO50001, ISO90001 certification

  • Work with partners for RAT to Pay global reach I.e.

  • Make free public access to RAT Antiquities


  • Access to all museums worldwide are made free by RAT to Pay

  • Institutional investments & partners

How to buy the Rare Antiquities Token

Create a MetaMask/TrustWallet account using an iOS/Android mobile device or install the browser extension on your PC.

Buy $ETH within Metamask/TrustWallet or transfer $ETH from an existing wallet (i.e. Coinbase, Binance).

Go to the UNISWAP within your wallet browser and connect your wallet with MetaMask / Wallet Connect

Copy the contract address from below and paste it into the pairing with ETH / RAT then BUY!

The official contract address for the Rare Antiquities Token:

  • 0x6460b9954a05714a1a8d36bac6d8bc9b657352d7


Ryan Howells


David Karney

 Advisor to the Board

Lee Davies

Commercial Director

Ihor Kubalskiy

Technical Partner

Benjamin Gordon

Head of Product

Mayur Kale

Blockchain Developer

Emma Morrissey

Account Manager & Legal Consultant

Alok Acharya

Graphic Designer


The first antiquity will be bought when the Antiquity Wallet has a feasible amount in it and an agreement can be made with a supplier to purchase an antiquity in RAT.

Through the forum section of the website and through the telegram channel.